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Action News: Forbidden Broadway; aired Dec. 04, 2012


Well if you’re looking for some light-hearted fun this holiday season make plans to visit Peter Jacksonville Forbidden Broadway is on stage right now, Action News Tracy Collins has a peek at what you can expect. It’s a little theater with the big boys and this weekend they’ll be poking a little fun at the Big Apple.

Forbidden Broadway open Friday to standing out some people on their feet immediately during the bows, if a musical revue that pushed in the third planet from the musical hits there’s an aged out Anne I’m 30 years old tomorrow. She’s a little better and an uninformed Carol Channing, Carol does not really watched in you very much. She say I like to watch is my ruin things. And an entire cast a broadly characters’ growing up with Barbra Streisand and Liza Minnelli and all your favorites you get to make fun of them in the show in I mean it you can’t be more fun it’s
been the last through the whole process.

We have fun with this crazy cast all morning I action news this morning and if a mistake where they go, I alright Forbidden Broadway is on stage at the theater Jacksonville Thursday through December 15th tickets
for twenty five dollar.

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