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Broadway Backstage Fall Preview at TDF’s Costume Collection


costumes in a show like 12th Night go a long way and transporting theater goes to another world, but they can be wildly expensive.The theater Development Fund a nonprofit organization known primarily for the TKTS booth funds the costume collection, based in the Kaufman Astoria film studio it’s a life saver for low-budget productions and it’s also probably the most outrageous club that you’ve ever seen.

Are Broadway contributor Charlie Williams takes us inside.

We are the largest customer place in New York City, everything here has been donated where we are purchasing it wow this is and credible how do you how do you keep on these organized, how with a lot of patience and practice. So how many pieces you have been here, we think we have 80,000 and that’s costumes and accessories around and have all periods and types. Can tell me who comes in here, who who rent things out to be able to come here and rent costumes on this quality.

A low prices really a great thing for menu our special a not-for-profit customers can you get high schools and colleges who don’t have a lot of money to put into building something like this thing come here renter and then they don’t have the commitment that holding up. for one price you getting tired a lot from head to toe, we try to have you know as many small accessories and as many things as possible make up the costume this is call the land of hats.

You need to know what it is you’re looking for where a staff of sex we are so we don’t really have people who can actually walk around with you, you need to know the size is a few actors most things don’t have sizes in them. their custom-built. that’s right your lot to do minor alterations that there is no painting growing dying cutting was stage a lot of costume.

Their theatrically bill costume and some of them are in stark arm this here is actually very historic this is the original mark costume from wrap this was Anthony wraps, are original cast in everything from a custom one by Lena Horne on broadway and letting her music kathleen turner. The Graduate this is a const him although not one on Broadway. I was one of the people play house by Anne Hathaway.

I’m before she was an adult or are not lame as in before she won her Academy Award. we have a lot of customs one by film stars in show the actual, so I this is fairly recent this is Biola Davis and Denzel Washington from the recent production. This is a custom cut from Shrek purses a koster that was cut from wicked, oh course and never made it that never really clearly made on stage for a couple performances but was never actually in the show nap you think you can really rock a swashbucklers out there say a showgirl have for the next costume party, sorry to disappoint the costume collection does not rent out individuals.

Back to you guys, there are two wars on the costume collection available by appointment check out their link on our website

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