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Life as a Professional Theatre Usher


If you been into the theater, then you see ushers. But how much do you know about their work. TDF Stages spoke to Fran Barberetti, the chief usher of Broadway’s Imperial Theatre. And members of usher court, the new victory theaters program for professional student ushers to learn the ins and outs of the archery world. Theater starts before you get into the theater, I really think that ushers. Their important as mood setters, and just opening up their home, their house.

We have shown you all like myself, that I love being their I will take and I just put a learner’s few years ago and say, “thank you, have a great day! Enjoy the show.” But then you have a couple much, it’s just business and taken to the seat and then come back. So you want to have a mixture of ushers and how they act, and worth it done when the show close. We have got it work, so I think it is nice, to know that they came and your glad. That you are showing them, that you are glad, they came to see, this particular show.

You have a lot of those encounters like; even when you’re just in the elevator. And you’re making small talk with patrons, like you; really get to learn the type of people that come here. be this tablished really great pensions here I know when time schedule to break into Friday after school. I’m really excited to come in, and you know we were close to each other like, personally like. And also it is nice because it is able to like. in a way keep this is part of your world that is separate it also. It is like you have school you had whatever else you doing when you come here. And you’re working but it is also nice community.

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