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Times Square, New York City – “Along Broadway” Video tours


Hi I am David Hill with New York Habitat. Today we continue our stroll along Broadway. When the most famous avenues in all of New York City. Our series will be called, “all along Broadway.” Broadway runs diagonally the length Manhattan, from its southern tip call bowling green to the northern tip of the island and even on into the Bronx. Along the way, it forms several squares in public spaces. Many in a triangular shape as it cross Manhattan’s avenues and streets. There is certainly no shortage of things to do and see I lost a famous stretch a road that runs diagonally, south to north across the city like New York. The do not be afraid we are going to split this historic such a road into a few bite-size video, so you will be able to take it all in. Our series will be called “all along Broadway.” So we are on Broadway we are just coming up the 41st Street, in our next up today will be Times Square.

Broadway is the all the street the city. Originally was a trail used by the Native American to live here and later it was used by Dutch settlers to travel to the northern forced to hunt. Times Square is definitely the most famous intersection all in New York City. It is former Broadway, 7th Avenue and 42nd Street. All come together in the heart of Manhattan. It was named Times Square in 1904, after the well-known newspaper The New York Times set up shop right here on 42nd Street. Times Square is known all over the world for its bright neon lights. Its digital advertisements on building walls, reports many stores open day and night. And of course it is theaters and restaurants. I do not know if you can see it but just behind me, in the top for that building is a little ball, that every year dropped down as we countdown to midnight on New Year’s Eve. It is been a worldwide attraction since December 31st 1907, when it was decided to be uses that the fireworks which becoming too dangerous for the public.

The building at 1500 Broadway is home to the ABC Studios. Each morning at 6am you can stand in for the studios and he just may see the hosts and the famous morning show, Good Morning America! Across the street from the ABC Studios you cannot miss a bright skyscraper, which houses the Nasdaq MarketSite. All along Broadway there are many restaurants, coffee, shops, and sandwich shops in place to eat. So, you will never go hungry. But the most well-known place stayed here Times Square is the Hard Rock Café. It offers intimate rooms for groups of all sizes, good food and great music with its state-of-the-art sound system. Come and check out this famous musical restaurant. A great alternative to an expensive hotel room our vacation rentals all around Times Square. You can save a lot of money because vacation rentals are not only much cheaper than hotels, but equipped with full kitchens as well we could cook for the whole family instead of going out to restaurants for each meal.

Here at 1515 Broadway you will find the MTV Studios in a building called the after Plaza. People from all over the world come here to wait in line whenever famous Performing Artist is due to show up, all in the hopes of getting an autograph. Broadway is known for its many theaters but most of them are actually located around the area and not necessarily on Broadway itself. The only true Broadway theatre actually located on Broadway is the Minskoff theatre. It is also located in after Plaza, its most famously known for Disney musical “The Lion King”. If you want to save money on Broadway theater tickets you can buy the right here at the TKTS booth in the middle of Times Square. Everyday Broadway theaters release tickets to be sold the cheaper discounted prices. The TKTS booth opened in the early afternoon and on a screen you can view what shows are on sale.

Well, I hope you enjoy this video up all along Broadway and Times Square. And of course there are too many things left to do. If they know anything I have missed make sure you leave a comment in the comment section below. And do not forget to visit our website at We will find apartments all along Broadway as well as all over New York City. I am David Hill New York Habitat we hope to see you soon in the Big Apple.

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