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“This wild, wicked show is not just a screamfest after all; it’s a pretty good piece of theater!” – The New York Times


“Play Dead is a solidly crafted, sensationally entertaining Off-Broadway shockfest!” – The Wall Street Journal


“Robbins is a consummate showman” – New York Magazine


“If there’s one thing more fun than a haunted house, it’s a haunted theater” – Variety


“The creaky, homegrown quality of Robbins’s illusions is what gives the show its charm” – The New Yorker


“You may find yourself nervously whistling in the dark at “Play Dead,” the fiendishly frightening but playful spookfest devised by Todd Robbins and Teller” – New York Post


“Our smoothly loquacious host guides us with aplomb through the macabre histories of violent murderers and flimflamming mediums.” – TimeOut NY


“An affordably priced must-see, it’s truly unlike anything that has graced the stage in ages.” – DreadCentral


“One of the most exciting nights of theatre I’ve had in recent memory” – Broadway Doctor


“By turns darkly comic, pleasurably creepy, and genuinely scary, Play Dead is a wildly entertaining ride.” –


“What makes the play triumph over your reactions is the careful attention to detail, audience participation, and the blurred line between what is perceived to be real and unreal.” – Woman Around Town


“PLAY DEAD is like being inside a living magic trick. Though this time when the lights go out, you’re the one who disappears…” – Fangoria


“PLAY DEAD is one of the best live shows I’ve ever been to, and it is THE show to bring a date. Win on all fronts.” – Vlad Kraven


“I was seriously amazed; I was amused; and we are still talking about it. I very much recommend checking it out.” – Morbid Anatomy


“So while Play Dead makes its audiences laugh and scream with terror and delight, there’s also a subtle and crucially important message creeping through: Beware.” – The Spook Racket

“Play Dead is one of the best live shows you’ll ever see, and it is THE show to bring a date. Win on all fronts.” – Examiner