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We’re To Die For


“This wild, wicked show
is not just a screamfest
after all; it’s a pretty
good piece of theater!” – 

“Play Dead is a solidly
crafted, sensationally
shockfest!” – The Wall

“Robbins is a
consummate showman”

“If there’s one thing
more fun than a haunted
house, it’s a haunted
theater” – Variety

“The creaky,
homegrown quality of
Robbins’s illusions is
what gives the show its
charm” – The New Yorker

“You may find yourself
nervously whistling in
the dark at “Play Dead,”
the fiendishly
frightening but playful
spookfest devised by
Todd Robbins and
Teller” – New York Post

“Our smoothly
loquacious host guides
us with aplomb through
the macabre histories of
violent murderers and
flimflamming mediums.”

“An affordably priced
must-see, it’s truly
unlike anything that has
graced the stage
in ages.” – DreadCentral

“One of the most
exciting nights of
theatre I’ve had in
recent memory”

“By turns darkly comic,
pleasurably creepy, and
genuinely scary, Play
Dead is a wildly
entertaining ride.”

“What makes the play
triumph over your
reactions is the careful
attention to detail,
audience participation,
and the blurred line
between what is
perceived to be real
and unreal.”- Woman

“PLAY DEAD is like
being inside a living
magic trick. Though this
time when the lights go
out, you’re the one who

“PLAY DEAD is one of
the best live shows I’ve
ever been to, and it is
THE show to bring a
date. Win on all fronts.”

“I was seriously
amazed; I was amused;
and we are still talking
about it. I very much
recommend checking it
out.” – Morbid Anatomy


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