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Disney’s NEWSIES Celebrate One Year on Broadway!


Hi! I am Andrew Keenan-Bolger. And i play crutchie newsies, it is hard to believe that a year ago we were packing up our rehearsal room and hang to a new home and Nederlander theater. At that time we were not sure if we’ll ask you this summer. But you would help see us to the one year mark. One thing’s for sure, the show has brought has a lot of a blast memories.

One of my favorite newsies memories, has to be the first date to be moved and into the theater. I remember, feeling such anxiety and excitement that we are moving into our new home. And we are all standing in the hallway getting to be or intention from our state managers. And then they let us run free in the theater and I remember coming into been Andrews dressing room, and seeing where we are going to be for the next, what we thought was twelve weeks. Who is definitely day first for me, and a lot of our cast members. And first day of my broadway stage, it my first day moving of broadway dressing room.

My absolute favorite newsies memory is opening night; I mean expert obvious reason that half of us who have broad way they view. I remember at being out in the alleyway and here with Jeff Calhoun and we were circle that getting ready to dealer opening night maker brevity views. And he said “guys this is what they mean by the good old days,” and this this memory will live with you forever. And this is a memory that is you will be telling your grandkids one-day.

We made media cast recording, I can believe orchestra recording, it is the craziest thing in the world. I can remember growing up, listening to cuesta recordings. Like wicked and the senate to whatever by, I cannot believe that we a part. But we made history and that is coolest part about this and, you know every time I hear the dambi the opening. I still get that same feeling that I did won.

I think one of my favorite moment from the past, here will be the Tony awards, we are so excited. And I will never forget being in a holding room, and we got to watch the live feed of Cruise when he has award for best choreography. And we are so excited, freaking out, jumping up and down, we got to go right on the stage and perform newsies that day. And were performing Tony choreography it was unbelievable moment.

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