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New York Neo-Futurists: Get to Know Them With Theatre Development Fund


We are company of experimental theater artist in the truest sense because we’ve try new things on the stage that we make new experimental plays every week, we have a show 50 week every year. And we are always writing, and dreaming, and creating, and working, and rehearsing port. Too much light makes the baby go blind 30 plays in 60 minutes, the 30 plays in the 60 minutes are also in random order, the audience decide the orders so the whole thing is also kind like a game.

When I saw the Neo-Futurists for the first time it was like yes there was elements of sketch comedy and I am proud but there are also these moment of one on one interaction with audience and just like I am me, you are you .

There is an emphasis on immediacy and honestly, so we write from a perspective of truth, we do click characters we call it (Non – Illusory Theatre). We don’t suspend the audience’s dispate, we are always who we are, where we are, and what we are doing.

It was in an hour you’re laughing one minute, crying one minute you know they were references like literary reference in one play that I did not know when I go to look it up and I was like Oh! okay so I just this whole experience. We make artistic decision as a group it take a lot of care but it means that we generally are behind things that happened in changes that are made.

I think it’s like being a band and supposed to being a cargo in a wheel its just part of the play, all of us are total theater artist. So writer and performers, director, designers. So often performers if we will just performers are kind of left a little powerless, we take agency for yourself. They are creator of their own works.

I have learned I am former kid of all things and I have thought ever possible trial to join the company, you know you have to be prepared by two stage. To propose the play and has to ready to go up on stage on friday. It’s just an incredible experience very very hidy and it is absolutely 100 percent out of my comfort zone. You know it keeps you a little off filter while still have to be balance.

We have shows that explore using poppets that explore movements is show were the cast was entirely knewed the whole time. So my very first task was the baby sit this cat in the office of the theater where we perform. cause the cat was gonna be surprise in that place and I’m definately like the cat but I did it because i really love the company.

There was a play had in show about two years ago and they just involve the guy company members standing on the stage inside the digital for they like lesbian and guy of new kinds and over the course of the play everyone in the audience came up on the stage and stood in silent digital every single night that we did on that play.

It’s the most immediate and experimental and interesting type of theater that I ever come across and I think most ever come across and I think that why we do it, were giving a chance to respond honestly to the world around us. with all our creative mind.

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