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Joss Whedon On Filmmaking: Directing & Discipline


A lot of writers become directors because they want to protect their material, because you get through it, very often. I have always thought I have the entire process is one thing writing is my favorite part, but when I am writing on shooting in my head I try to write things that read as though they will be see that feel when you’re reading it that you’re looking at. So for me directing it is an extension of that it’s very easy of course
when you know to sort of because you come in its writing, try to control the process of directing too much and if I air directions from that at the beginning but I also believe you know like a teacher being mean it first you have to bring them to you and I had to bring my actors to my language my rhythms my sensibility and to bring the studios to it as well and once I was comfortably said in that and people understood what I was going for as part of their vernacular then I definitely was able to loosen up and directing became much more organic and collaborate for me.

For new film it is starting out enough my first advice is always makes the things that make stuff, makes stuff. are just as much easier than it used to be even much do was something I could have done ten years ago the way we did it two years ago and the other I would say is as a filmmaker you have to is over the bad teacher thing, you have to be sure when you’re working for somebody else that’s it then the boss I treat film with the military.

I always have filmman when I am working for some, and they’re telling you know if they’re Henry Fonda in Fort Apache and they’re making all the wrong decisions I listened because someday on the takeover inspect the same thing.

And it is not that I do not want dissent I do, I do not want a creative collaboration that’s very exciting for me but you have to be in charge know what you want and know that you have the ability to get that and requires a lot of fierceness and a lot of belief more belief than other people are going to have in you.

any when I shot the first thing I ever shot was the pilot presentation for Buffy and it was a nightmare none of the crew understood what I was trying to do or thought I could do it. And and there was a point at which I just want to fold als just can I please go home now and be a writer. But I was miserable just being a writer because I was in creating the thing whole that I wanted to and at some points in the show I just said that myself.

This is it this is your pep talk you’re either gonna go home and regret it for the rest they life you can go in there and run this thing have a look back up.

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