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TDF’s Autism Theatre Initiative on NY1 Parenting


You watching time warner cable news new york one all morning, this is parenting I’m Shelley Goldberg. Going to the theater could be a wonderful experience for children but for some kids it can be challenging my guest today is Lisa Carling from the Theatre Development Fund to tell us all about a very special program that’s designed to help.

Welcome Lisa so tell me that the Autism Theatre initiative.

Lisa says, started two-and-a-half years ago for children and adults on the autism spectrum and their families, we buy out the entire house make tickets available in discount to the autism community. And some additional handgun 8 artisan from the performances on Broadway musicals
Lion King spider-man wicked.

Wonderful! Now what makes these performances a special, what is going on up the same great production minor technical adjustments sound level not about 90 decibels lighting no strokes, environment, warm welcoming families can just relax and be themselves, supports, volunteers, today up stress relievers. Available for the kids and the performance was that with these are nationally rest, so kids can what how does this work.

On just defuse reenergize that they need to take a break, they can go out into the lobby we have quite an activity areas with wonderful comfort always supports show related. Could go back in and enjoy the show that one, but now we have coming up with social performance. Disney Junior live on tour pirate and princess adventure Saturday April 19 11 a.m. autism from the performance at the theater at Madison Square Garden.

First time ever there are so few opportunities for family right kids on the spectrum this is a terrific show especially for younger kids and anyone who loves Disney tickets available only on our website at Why it so important it children have this thetirecal experience
it changes their lives in unexpected ways.

Wonderfully thank you so very much downs great of a more information the TDF iniative go to our website

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